My Sculpture and Drawing Studios

Most of my sculptures incorporate urban fragments and found objects, which I obsessively collect, categorize and store.  The collected objects comprise the totality of structural form or compose an obsessive surface.  I am drawn to cast-aside toys, game parts, utilitarian objects, and steel implements for their aesthetic significance along with transformative properties.  Found objects are signifiers with a recognizable extant history of play or use.  I want the association of materials to lead the viewer to a consideration of the relationship between the composed subject form, the chosen material, and design.

My sculptures evoke a range of thematic considerations through the juxtaposition of materials and composed design.  I tend to work in series, or fleets of ship sculptures.  I employ a narrative responsiveness and ironic humor in my selection of found components for a sculpture, along with the arrangement of parts (like an overflowing cargo hold or crowded ship rail).  It gives the work rich visual attributes with immediate personal experience, along with engaging my thoughts and expressions surrounding the human condition.

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